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Global Variables

The following variables are available and can be used in setup, when, then and cleanup closures.

Name Description Example
baseDir or
The directory where the nf-test.config script is located. mypipeline
moduleDir The directory where the module script is located mypipeline/modules/mymodule
moduleTestDir The directory where the test script is located mypipeline/tests/modules/mymodule
launchDir The directory where the test is run. mypipeline/.nf-test/tests/<test_hash>
metaDir The directory where all meta are located (e.g. mypipeline/.nf-test/tests/<test_hash>/meta
workDir The directory where tasks temporary files are created. mypipeline/.nf-test/tests/<test_hash>/work
outputDir An output directory in the $launchDir that can be used to store output files. The variable contains the absolute path. If you need a relative outpu directory see launchDir example. mypipeline/.nf-test/tests/<test_hash>/output
params Dictionary like object holding all parameters.



This variable points to the directory within the temporary test directory (.nf-test/tests/<test-dir>/output/). The variable can be set under params:

params {
    outdir = "$outputDir"


This variable points to the directory to locate the base directory of the main nf-test config. The variable can be used e.g. in the process definition to build absolute paths for input files:

process {
    file1 = file("$baseDir/tests/input/file123.gz")


This variable points to the directory where the test is executed. This can be used get access to results that are created in an relative output directory:

when {
    params {
        outdir = "results"
then {
    assert path("$launchDir/results").exists()