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test command



Optional Arguments


To run your test using a specific Nextflow profile, you can use the --profile argument. Learn more.


Prints out the Nextflow output during test runs.


The Linux tool procps is required to run Nextflow tracing. In case your container does not support this tool, you can also run nf-test without tracing. Please note that the workflow.trace are not available when running it with this flag.

--tag <tag>

Execute only tests with the provided tag. Multiple tags can be used and have to be separated by commas (e.g. tag1,tag2).

--tap <filename>

Writes test results in TAP format to file.

--junitxml <filename>

Writes test results in JUnit XML format to file, which conforms to the standard schema.


The debug parameter prints out debugging messages and all available output channels which can be accessed in the then clause.


  • Run all test scripts that can be found in the testDir defined in the nf-test.config file in the current working directory:
nf-test test
  • Run all specified test scripts and search specified directories for additional test scripts:
nf-test test tests/modules/local/ tests/modules/

nf-test test tests/modules tests/modules/
  • Run a specific test using its hash:
nf-test test tests/
  • Run all tests and write results to report.tap:
nf-test test --tap report.tap