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Running tests

Basic usage

The easiest way to use nf-test is to run the following command. This command will run all tests under the tests directory. The testDir can be changed in the nf-test.config.

nf-test test

Execute specific tests

You can also specify a list of tests, which should be executed.

nf-test test tests/modules/local/ tests/modules/

nf-test test tests/modules tests/modules/

Tag tests

nf-test provides a simple tagging mechanism that allows to execute tests by name or by tag.

Tags can be defined for each testsuite or for each testcase using the new tag directive:

nextflow_process {

    name "suite 1"
    tag "tag1"

    test("test 1") {
        tag "tag2"
        tag "tag3"   

    test("test 2") {

        tag "tag4"
        tag "tag5"   


For example, to execute all tests with tag2 use the following command.

nf-test test --tag tag2  # collects test1

Names are automatically added to tags. This enables to execute suits or tests directly.

nf-test test --tag "suite 1"  # collects test1 and test2

When more tags are provided, all tests that match at least one tag will be executed. Tags are also not case-sensitive, both lines will result the same tests.

nf-test test --tag tag3,tag4  # collects test1 and test2
nf-test test --tag TAG3,TAG4  # collects test1 and test2

Create a TAP output

To run all tests and create a report.tap file, use the following command.

nf-test test --tap report.tap

Run test by its hash value

To run a specific test using its hash, the following command can be used. The hash value is generated during its first execution.

nf-test test tests/